Stacy and Michael Sullivan bought their first renovation project five weeks after their first date. Full of enthusiasm and passion but short on cash and experience, the young couple waited tables by night and sanded, painted and poured concrete by day to complete that first home together.

Fast forward 20 plus years and two things are true. They've learned all the tricks in the renovation handbook and poured their hearts and talents into every style of home Minnesota has to offer from Cape Cod to Colonial and more.

Today the Sullivans are parents of young children and each one of The New Old House Co. homes encompasses what modern families need and love; a blend of light, open spaces to gather in; modern conveniences to make life simple and the richness and style of traditional, period detailing.


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Stacy Sullivan is without a doubt her parents’ daughter. Her dad was an accountant by profession but should have been a builder. He designed and built Stacy’s childhood home in a small town in Iowa and throughout she was his constant helper. Stacy’s mom is a huge life force and loved to entertain, raising her family in a welcoming home always full of people and food. An influence that Stacy inherently brings to her home design.

 At The New Old House Co. Stacy’s role starts even before ground is broken on a new project. A top performing real estate agent  (stacy-sullivan.com) for more than 18 years, her intimate knowledge of neighborhoods and real estate inventories means she’s able to find the perfect lot for a project or a gem of an old home that could use her touch.

 And then the real work begins. Stacy works from day one with architects to conceptualize a style and floor plan for each home and makes every design and style decision right down to the last paint color, bathroom tile, doorknob and fixture.

I don’t ever tire of the process; it’s just such an amazing feeling seeing something go from initial sketches on paper to the final product with wallpaper, woodwork and furnishings. And it’s never just a project for me, I never lose sight of the fact that we’re creating someone’s home.”– Stacy Sullivan


At The New Old House Co. Michael wears a lot of hats. He’s the everyday face of the company to neighbors during construction; a liaison with city municipalities for all permits; and a comprehensive source of knowledge about each home to every home buyer.

 After 23 years of lovingly restoring and building homes, Michael is a hands-on perfectionist and is as passionate about new innovations in construction as he is about traditional architectural detailing. Offsite, you can find him researching new building and energy code compliance issues or pouring over historical photographs to ensure that every home The New Old House Co. creates looks old but acts new.

 Michael says the best part of his job is seeing abstract plans and designs take shape as real, unique homes.

“One of our goals is to make sure our new build homes fit seamlessly into their neighborhoods. A neighbor came up to me and said they didn’t realize our home was new construction because it fit the neighborhood so well. That was a fantastic compliment and a great moment.” – Michael Sullivan