The two questions we get asked most often at The New Old House Co.? “Will you remodel our home?” and “Can you build us a house?” The answer to both is no, but we’d like to explain why. Over the years we’ve kept our team intentionally small. It’s given us an efficiency that works well for both our clients and our company. We are very thoughtful about each new project and choose to build or remodel only five or six homes a year to our own exacting standards and design aesthetic. It’s those careful decisions that really afford us the time and focus to create truly special homes.

 So, what do you do if you want one of our homes? Get in touch. We’d be happy to let you know our estimated completion dates for any new projects that we have in the pipeline. Also, if you know of a home that could use our attention or a lot that would be just perfect for a home by The New Old House Co., we would love to hear from you.